World Government Election Fraud 2012 Part 1

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Jan 29, 2013
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Study history. This free educational documentary World Government Election Fraud 2012 is just over 2 hours long that is sure to get everyone thinking showing evidence of the New World Order Depopulation Agenda while solutions presented in the documentary were censored and ignored by the mainstream and alternative media. There is a lot to research like a document on the CIA website about Global Governance

How can so many people around the world support mainstream disinformation while real activism is being suppressed every day? The world is on the wrong track, please do your own research. Controlled opposition are preventing any real movement for justice or eco-peace from developing. Disinformation serves big money preventing the masses from reaching accurate conclusions. Fear is tool used to control the masses, fear of government, fear of cannabis, fear of reporting on the truth, fear of what it might be like to stop eating meat and eat more nutritional hemp seed that contains more protein.

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