Daniel Burrus: Predicting the Future

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Daniel Burrus says there are clear ways to predict the future in an uncertain world. You need to unplug yourself from the present and look at examples of linear change -- things that will not go backward and will definitely happen in the future. Transcript -- We live in an amazingly uncertain world. What's going to happen with Europe? What's going to happen with our economy? What's going to happen with sales the next six months? Will China be strong? Will you be strong? What'll happen with housing? The problem with the uncertainty is it keeps you frozen. It doesn't let you move forward. It doesn't give you any confidence. So in an uncertain world, I have to ask myself, "What am I certain about? Am I certain of nothing?" And the answer is you can be certain about so much, it's unbelievable. For example, right now it's winter. I'm certain it'll be spring followed by summer. By the way, I had that certainty because there is a science of cycles; there's over 300 known cycles - weather cycles, business cycles, biological cycles, that give you a complete handle and accurate forecast of the future. As a matter of fact economists have been trained in the science of cycles. But if you noticed the economists have been really wrong lately. Why have they been so wrong? They're using the science of cycles. After all, Warren Buffett is the richest guy in the world because of the science of cycles. He knows when the stock market goes up; he's going to sell and when it goes down he's ...

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