David H. Childress: Mystery of the Olmecs Pt.2/5

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We are joined by Explorer, Author and Publisher David Hatcher Childress to discuss his new Book \"Mystery of the Olmecs\". Topics Discussed: David\'s Background, World Travels & Favorite Places, South America, Origins of the Olmecs, Culture & Origins of the Mayan\'s, Aztect\'s and Incas, Megaliths, The Big Stone Faces (Caucasians, Black Africans & Asians), Diffusionism, Mummies, Coca Leafs in Egypt, Thor Heyerdahl, Ancient Seafarers, Global Communication, Itzamna, The Popul Voh, Building Technology, Sacsayhuaman in Cusco Peru, Earthquakes and Cataclysms and much more. Don\'t miss our excellent Subscriber Interview with David on Technology of the Gods.

September 6, 2007


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