Hun Warriors

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The Western Huns had a lot of tribal auxiliaries that served under them. These auxiliaries were mostly conquered people like the Germanic Goths, Alans and Sarmathians and i would guess that both The Magyars (Hungarians) and Turkish - but they would have you believe otherwise. So you see some blond warriors with the dark haired Huns. The warrior on horseback with dogs at 0:51 is actually a Chinese Han dynasty warrior. This warrior probably served under teenage General Hu Qubin,

but as rome swallowed up people slaves and built new citys in other countrys moving whole tribes and people to new area wich they mixed with the locals creating new tribes and so forth.

between the rise and fall of babylon to olmecs to the minoians to greece to eygpt to rome then everyone was displace and left to fend forthemselfs untill a new so called king pops up to enslave them and mix them up once again.

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