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Project Aurora Captured

  • Rizze
  • uploaded: Nov 24, 2008
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One of the most shadowy of the U.S. Air Force\'s secret projects is the craft known only by the code name \"Aurora.\" Rumour has it the ultra high speed plane (said by some to be capable of Mach 6) is the next generation of high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, replacing ageing U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird planes. The Aurora project was supposedly cancelled.Is this video the real deal?

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  • Cyclops#

    Cyclops July 24, 2009 4:17:16 AM CEST

    I am now totally convinced that NO ONE on this planet knows how to operate a camcorder

  • Elohimscience#

    Elohimscience December 23, 2008 6:33:29 AM CET

    It looks pretty good if its fake. probably one of the best I have seen. I can tell you one thing,usually if it is fake the video editing experts are on here to pick it apart and I dont see that,so. Also I have personally seen similar aircraft with my own eyes(minus the lights,it had just one dim one) and my wife saw it too (in Kingston Ontario), so I\'m not crazy. I have no good reason not to believe this vid.....Oh yeah, and it didnt make hardly any sound

  • Darkplanet#

    Darkplanet November 25, 2008 8:22:46 PM CET

    Artificially generated footage alert. There\'s lots of \"tells\" in here from the lack of micro tripod jitter, the odd way the camera tracks the object, to the uniform, even and totally unnatural way the light \"blooms\" from the object itself. Nice try though.

  • Rizze#

    Rizze November 25, 2008 3:51:01 PM CET

    My sentiments exactly, but I said holy s**t when I first saw it.

  • Rizze#

    Rizze November 25, 2008 3:49:14 PM CET

    First up this is not my owned video,I just posted it.The F117 was built for a particular job and does it well.Stealth technology and the unknown Aurora go hand in hand,perfect I say.One job for each of these craft.As for a new stealth tech for the F117.....BEATS ME LOL

  • Anrk07#

    Anrk07 November 25, 2008 8:43:38 AM CET

    why is it that if anyone posts a clear vidio of anything everyone screams fake.

  • Hesop#

    Hesop November 25, 2008 3:47:57 AM CET

    Show me then a \"Stealth\" technology that could silence the deafening noise coming from a F117, and a reason why they don\'t use it? I have to commend you, that you have posted a good selection of vids. There\'s LOTS of \"no-mans-land\" where I live. The various bases in NM love to fly around here. Must be good training ground for Afghanistan. http://mapper.acme.com/?ll=35.43941,-103.99246&z=10&t=R&marker0=40.69562,-73.32655,babylon\, NY\, USA

  • -Marduk-#

    -Marduk- November 25, 2008 2:40:15 AM CET

    Like the Bottle Tigh said: Wohaaa

  • Rizze#

    Rizze November 25, 2008 12:46:24 AM CET

    When I use my sonycam I get focus in my final images just like that,and the sounds of the camera behave in exactly the same way. I am not saying this is real,nor fake.But it looks good.\"Thanks for commenting\"

  • Rizze#

    Rizze November 25, 2008 12:42:50 AM CET

    possible specs,turbofan engines for subsonic flight. andramjets, scramjets, or pulse detonation engines for supersonic flight which would make it very noisy indeed but isn\'t this suppose to be top secret,using stealth technology would certainly make it quiet don\'t you think.Maybe you are right, maybe I am, who really knows.

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