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The Road to Finding Your True Self


By Devan Cage

Speaking from his reality tunnel, Devan Cage talks about how we all can find our true selves and achieve enlightenment, and gives some insight on who is really preventing us from happiness and how they do it.

1. What is God?
2. Finding Your True Self
3. Uncertainty
4. Comfort
5. The God Formula
6. Interference

Stoned Monk Productions. 2008

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  • Mastive72#

    Mastive72 December 22, 2008 7:35:55 AM CET

    I really like this way of thinking. We do have the power within us to control our own destinies. The only obstacle blocking ourselves from achieving true peace in ourselves, is ourselves. I do believe in God and am a christian, but i notice myself more unattached from my own life, and not allowing myself the confidence i need to achieve my inner peace, as well as my outer goals. I think that christianity is not a bad thing if looked at the right way. What he says here seems to be more about the same teachings of the bible, without the over interpretation, and misinterpretation of it. The ways a man thinks and acts defines his true self. What we need to do as a human race is take on the positive aspects of all religions and understand why the negative aspects of those same religions exists. The overall view of most religion is to be thankful for what you have, and show others love, and compassion so that we all as humans can be one in the same in the way we treat each other. The unfortunate part is, there are too many distractions to help us to do this regardless of your religion. That makes it the job, rather obligation to do whatever you can to spread the word to others to think in this like minded manner. By doing this all of man can rise up against and defeat self serving elitist. By the way, I am not saying create a war against the elitist powers, only to be responsible for yourself and allow your mind to be more open than closed concerning how society is, and could be if we were to act upon the positive message given here. I think that we do not need to stop eating meat, or watching tv, because it is part of us to want to be entertained and fed of course. What I am saying is that by limiting the amount of things that are bad for us, or even eliminating some things altogether and that we over indulge in will eventually lead us to not only a greater peace within ourselves, but if more and more people realize what these outside forces are doing to us, it will also lead us to exposure of the truth of the elitist, and thus through our own self control, and not theirs, the elitists would essentially be destroyed because of this. God Bless.

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