Greatest of all is Christ or Satguru Nanak Dev Ji

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Freely I have received freely I give lectures seminars or writing scripts for Films and documentaries. Please help me preach Gospel by informing your friends and relatives who are interested in these views that I can explain thoroughly. Gospel is very simple as ABC. Please visit Youtube for more of my Videos. Search under nijjhar Sikhism Christianity. Let us glorify our Father. Gospel Christ Jesus said would be known to one in thousand and two in ten thousands. Both would be solitary. In the East, it is one in ten millions. If you understand 50 per cent, then you are a man of spirit and for full understanding, we need to have face-to-face discussions. My lectures are FREE and I get paid by my Father in His Own Currency. Thus, when Christ Jesus was returning to Jerusalem to lay down his life, two of His Workers, that blind to spirit people call disciples, James and John, went to a Samaritan village to ask them to get prepared to receive Jesus. But the villagers told them, Let him go by and they don\'t care. At this the two Trained Workers or Pruners were extremely angry and asked Jesus to put that village on fire as Elijah, a Great Rabbi, did in the past. But Jesus replied, Don\'t you know what spirit you are of? I have come to do the Will of our Father and not my own Will. Thus, our Father being Spirit, He sets people FREE in spirit. He does not bind them in the letters of the law. In other words, you cannot sin against God but blasphemy called hypocrisy. Thus, by doing the Will of our Father, HUKUM RAZIAN CHALNA, the religion of Jesus and Nanak was Islam, in which INSHALLAH prevails and that Islam of Sun is FREE of the moral laws of Moses that binds people in the letters of the Law or Shariah. In short, Islam of Allah is FREE of Shariah laws. Thus, Shah Shamas Tabraez was stoned to death trying to stress that Arif or Saints are FREE of the secular Shariah Laws that were enforced by the satanic Mullahs in the name of Allah. Around 1250 A.D. about 250 Cathers of France who disobeyed Pope were burnt alive and the Mohammadans led by their satanic Mullahs went around enforcing their own version of Islam. Both the Popes and the Mullahs created great HAVOC in the world especially the East where the most clever and opportunist satanic people of Khatri tribe exploited this concept of Islam in which the Mullahs hypocritically proclaimed INSHALLAH, God be Willing, but they did their own will, INSHMULLAHS, the edicts or Fatwas. Mohammadans proclaimed to themselves as Mussallmaans but in deeds they were cruel Kafirs or infidels, who were imposing their own wills upon others. In short, what people proclaimed was just the opposite what the REALITY was. That confused people and they needed a Christ or Satguru to throw Light on such matters. Remember that a Mussallmaan stands for a FIRM believer of Allah and, therefore, such a person reflects all the good qualities of Allah. Thus, a true Mussallmaan he is in Allah and Allah in him. Such a Mussallmaan never tells lies, usurps the rights of others and he is always merciful according to the Saying of Christ Nanak Dev Ji:- MUSSALLMAAN MOOM DIL HOWAE;ANTAR DI MAEL DILL TAE DHOWAE. So, God sent the Second Anointed Christ called a Satguru in Punjabi that was predicted by Christ Jesus in the name of Nanak Dev Ji to dispel the religious Darkness, Fog of falsehoods that was created by the sons of Satan. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Greatest of all the Christs, Sunlights, because He had a bigger Job ahead of Him. Five other Satgurus took the form of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji to fight the Darkness that was created by the sons of Satan especially the people of Khatri tribe who had become Mullahs in the Mosques. Thus, in Sikhism there were SIX SATGURUS whilst in the Khalsaism, there were FOUR SACHAE PAATSHAH.

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