Greatest of all is Christ or Satguru Nanak Dev Ji

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Freely I have received freely I give lectures seminars or writing scripts for Films and documentaries. Please help me preach Gospel by informing your friends and relatives who are interested in these views that I can explain thoroughly. Gospel is very simple as ABC. Please visit Youtube for more of my Videos. Search under nijjhar Sikhism Christianity. Let us glorify our Father. Gospel Christ Jesus said would be known to one in thousand and two in ten thousands. Both would be solitary. In the East, it is one in ten millions. If you understand 50 per cent, then you are a man of spirit and for full understanding, we need to have face-to-face discussions. My lectures are FREE and I get paid by my Father in His Own Currency. Today the sons of Satan have created so much so Darkness again that some people have even forgotten their own tribal fathers in flesh never mind knowing our Father in Spirit AKAAL PURAKH. Down to earth FOOLISH people, who have replaced their tribal surnames by the names of their villages, towns or even districts are sitting on the world\'s Holiest of Holy Seat at Akaal Takht meant for the Nirmallae Sants, the Apostles. Remember that a prostitute who serves the whole village or town if she gives birth to a boy, then such a boy is given the surname of the village or town. So, many of the Jathedars of Akaal Takht fall among this category of their foolishness in that they were born in a father\'s home but they adopted the surname of their village or town to boost their ego. About such people, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji said, HUMAE VICH JAATI JINSEE KHOEI.... How effective is the preaching from such people sitting at Akaal Takht that they do not know whether it is right to say, HARIMANDIR SAHIB or HARMANDIR SAHIB. There is a hell of difference as it is between a Guru, a Rabbi, Pandit or Priest and a Satguru, Christ or Royal Priest. Remember what gold has to do with God? That is why the offering of gems presented by a king to Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji was rejected and thrown into the rivulet nearby. Gurus are mother, father and Brahmin, who teach us the moral laws pertaining to our physical selves or TANN whilst a Satguru directs His preaching to one\'s conscience, ZAMEER or MUNN and not to the physical body or TANN. Whilst a Sachae Paatshah enforces JUSTICE in the society without any partiality under the Slogan, MANAS KI JAAT SABHAE AIK PAHCHANO..... Finally, I can\'t justify my views in such a short article, as you need people of discerning intellect, BIBEK BUDHI, to judge the situation under which Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji appeared. A fair comparison may be drawn from the cruelty that the First Anointed Christ Jesus suffered at the hands of the Temple Priests led by a man of Judah tribe, the tribe of King David, and the Light of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji in the Name of Satguru Arjan Dev Ji, who was tortured by a Khatri in the name of Chandu Shah by making Him to sit on a hot iron plate with hot sand being poured over his head and body for four days in the hottest month of June when the temperatures soared 115 degree or more. Thus, greater the Satguru/Christ, the greater He was tortured by the sons of Satan. Sachae Patshah Har Gobind Ji caught the right culprit Chandu Khatri and gave him the deserving punishment. So, Who was greatest of all the Christs of the world? Satguru Jesus or Christ Nanak Dev Ji? Judge for your self. Gnostics are the living christs, satgurus and NOT Christians, of Living God or Par Brahm, Spirit, Holy spirit, common sense or Surti, shatters the fetters of the Letters, Holy Books. Scriptures + Holy spirit, common sense = Gospel. Remember that to your Three Gurus mother, father and Pandit or Rabbi, you render money or MAYA and they would give you
TANN CHINDAYA PHALL, a healthy physical body. To your Satguru Nanak Dev Ji or Christ Jesus, you render your MUNN or mind for receiving Gospel, MUNN CHINDAYA PHALL and,
To your Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji, you render your TANN or the physical body as sacrifice for acquiring Salvation or MUKT DAAN. SACH is bitter but it leads you to heaven whilst SATT is extremely bitter but it leads you to ANAND or Salvation. Falsehoods or KOORRS are extremely sweet, MAKHAEON MITHHA, but they lead you to Hell as it happened during the Partition. For articles on Sister Christian and Sikh communities by a Sahajdhari Sikh, visit:- MY LECTURES ARE FREE AND WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION. NO COPYRIGHTS ON MY ARTICLES.

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