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Hoagland and Farrell Pt.4/15

  • Uploaded by -Marduk- on Dec 6, 2008
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In a special 4-hour show, Richard C. Hoagland discussed Wernher von Braun\\\'s secret related to anti-gravity technology and space exploration. Researcher Joseph P. Farrell joined in the conversation in the latter half of the program.

Hoagland presented his thesis that during that during the launch of the Explorer I rocket in 1958, von Braun discovered an anti-gravity effect was taking place. The effect, related to the craft\\\'s orbit, defied Newtonian physics and was kept secret, said Hoagland. He explained that he pieced it together using \\\"circumstantial physics.\\\"

Farrell outlined Nazi connections associated with the anti-gravity discovery. A \\\"post-war Nazi International\\\" group may have employed alternative physics for a secret space program running parallel to NASA, he stated. Von Braun was obsessed with Mars, and Hoagland suggested the Nazis believed their ancestors came from Mars, and their goal was to return there. For more, see the Enterprise Mission report Von Braun?s 50-Year-Old Secret Part 1, Part II.

August 21st, 2008

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