Alien Anatomy, Species & Genetics

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Frogs are amphibians which are also cold blooded. However certain types of frogs can be frozen in ice and then thawed out and revitalized due to an antifreeze component in their blood which prevents or alters crystallization of water molecules so they dont puncture cell walls destroying the cells. While cryobiological genetics engineering is still an emerging field of science, we have much more scientific reasons to believe in the so called Greys than we do the reptilian or insectoid aliens. The anti-ufology propaganda film Men in Black used Insect Aliens, so did Starship troopers (anti alien+pro war) but that could just be a coincidence...

This is a subject we know so little about... (virtually nothing) Putting this video together took a long time and a lot of discussion and I still had to cut a lot of material and discussion. This research is by NO MEANS COMPLETE!

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for a period of 300 million years and there is no evidence to suggest that any intelligent species of dinosaur evolved at all during that time period When 65 Million Years ago they were all wiped out by a massive meteor leaving us Humans (1/5 of that time) to evolve from rodents. Monkey like creatures date back to 35-45 million years ago. The Earliest known hominid dates between 6 and 7 million years old. And we only have a few thousand years of recorded human history, the earliest humans date back 10-14,000 years ago which in retrospect is like the blink of an eye!

So if it only took us a couple thousand years to figure how to produce computers and airplanes and technology to send astronauts into space, then what does that say about 300 million years of Dinosaur evolution Obviously their brains were not suited for technology. So what makes a monkey brain MORE suited for complex thought and memory? Why would something like this evolve in apes but not dinosaurs?

Well we think the reason we have such complex knowledge trees has to do with the fact that our ancestors LIVED in trees. Remembering complex networks of tree branches would have been crucial for survival, no such evolutionary mechanism existed for dinosaurs that would insure the natural selection of the most intelligent members of the gene pool.

From all these different perspectives I find the whole shape-shifting reptilian humanoid thing highly unlikely (although not impossible)
I just think its more likely that business interests and secret societies like The Knights Templar, The Jesuits, Skull and Bones, and the Illuminatti would have enough desire for world domination on their own without the help of some external or extraterrestrial force
And in a movement that is supposed to be about opening minds and creating a paradigm shift in human consciousness, telling people that shapeshifting reptilian humanoids are trying to take over the world doesnt exactly make them want to listen to whatever else you might have to say Im just throwing it out there, do what ever you want with it!

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