Syrian army fighting to clear Aleppo from insurgents

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The Syrian army's military operation goes on in the countryside of the northern city of Aleppo with big aims on agenda - The army's campaign on foreign-backed insurgents in Aleppo is considered as one of the largest military operations carried out by the Syrian government forces.

The army's military operation is conducted in two areas; the first is the southern countryside of Aleppo and the second is in the northern countryside of the city. While the operation in south will secure the Syrian Army's supply routes to Aleppo and northern Syria, the campaign in northern parts of Aleppo aims mainly at cutting off insurgents' supply lines.

The level of complication & precision needed for the Syrian army's operation in northern Aleppo is very high because of the vast area to be covered, proximity to Turkish border and difficulty of terrain that combines urban and hillside fighting.

We are in an artillery post for the Syrian army where the army is shelling to provide fire coverage for its troops who are still inside one of the locations in Ashuihena hill.

If the Syrian army manages to clear the countryside of Aleppo, the whole situation in Syria will change drastically. - See more at:

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