Judge Edith Jones & the 5th Circuit decide which Americans are assassinated and executed.

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These are the people that are authorized to assassinate and execute Americans.These are the people that are authorized to assassinate and execute Mankind.Do you really want these people having the right to declare you a terrorist and have you assassinated for exercising your Constitutional Rights? These are the people that classified me as a terrorist, declared that I was not entitled to my Constitutional Rights and attempted to assassinate me. They were successful in assassinating Coast Guard Commander William Goetzee. V39 The Murder of Coast Guard Commander William Goetzee by the DOJ/FBI/CIA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ytEJJoNhdg V147 Here is the story of how you will be assassinated by the Federal Government. Factual and Verifiable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cagpHEhWHK0 As Chief Judge of the 5th Circuit Edith Jones was the equivalent of a Cabinet Member or a Four Star General or Admiral. In order to be a Federal Judge Edith Jones had to be approved by the US Senate.There are 13 Circuit Courts (16).I filed a Judicial Misconduct complaint against Chief Judge Edith Jones on 11/30/06. I am not a religious person but you have to believe that GOD was involved. Judge Jones was not a presiding Judge in any of my cases and I have no idea what possessed me to file the complaint.5th Circuit judge accused of racial profiling in law school speechBy The Associated Press on June 05, 2013 at 10:14 AM, updated June 05, 2013 at 5:16 PMhttp://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2013/06/5th_circuit_judge_accused_of_r.html http://media.nola.com/crime_impact/other/Judge%20Edith%20Jones%20complai... http://media.nola.com/crime_impact/other/Judge%20Edith%20Jones%20affidav... COMPLAINT OF JUDICIAL MISCONDUCTHighlights:This Complaint arises primarily from Judge Jones's comments at a lecture entitled "Federal Death Penalty Review" at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law on February 20, 2013. In her remarks, Judge Jones made the following points: *The United States system of justice provides a positive service to capital-case defendants by imposing a death sentence, because the defendants are likely to make peace with God only in the moment before imminent execution; *Certain "racial groups like African Americans and Hispanics are predisposed to crime," are "'prone' to commit acts of violence," and get involved in more violent and "heinous" crimes than people of other ethnicities; *Claims of racism, innocence, arbitrariness, and international standards are simply "red herrings" used by opponents of capital punishment; *Capital defendants who raise claims of "mental retardation" abuse the system; *The United States Supreme Court's decision in Atkins v. Virginia prohibiting execution of persons who are "mentally retarded" was ill-advised and created a "slippery slope"; *Mexican Nationals would prefer to be on death row in the United States rather than in prison in Mexico; *The country of Mexico does not provide and would not provide the legal protections that a Mexican National facing a death sentence in the United States would receive. Additionally, Judge Jones demonstrated extreme disrespect to a fellow Fifth Circuit judge, lack of judicial temperament, and a failure to maintain and observe the "high standards of conduct" required of federal judges by (1) loudly slamming her hand on the bench during Judge James L. Dennis's questioning of counsel during oral argument, (2) disrespectfully asking Judge Dennis if he "wanted to leave" the courtroom during the argument, and (3) saying she wanted him to "shut up." In her February 20, 2013 lecture, Judge Jones also expressed"contempt" for the United States Supreme Court rules, "generally disparage[d]" the SupremeCourt, and was "dismissive of the Supreme Court's death penalty decisions regarding juvenilesand the mentally retarded." Judge Jones's statements and conduct violated 28 U.S.C. 351 and the Code of Conduct for United States Judges. I have filed Judicial Misconduct Complaints against:Magistrate Joseph Wilkinson for placing my life in jeopardy and violating my Constitutional Rights.Chief Judge Jerry Brown for participating in the theft of 1.5 million dollars from my corporate bankruptcy, violating my Constitutional Rights and placing my life in jeopardy. Chief Judge Sydney Brooks for participating in the theft of 1.5 million dollars from my corporate bankruptcy, violating my Constitutional Rights and placing my life in jeopardy.Chief Judge Edith Jones for fostering and protecting the environment that created the criminal enterprise that stole 1.5 million dollars from my corporate bankruptcy, violated my Constitutional Rights and placed my life in jeopardy.The 1.5 million would have repaid my debt to the Federal Government as well as all of my creditors.US Marshals were used as thugs.

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