Qatar's role in igniting a Sunni-Shia strife in entire Mideast for Israel's benefit [Eretz Zen]

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Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Qatar has played a leading role in the supply of weapons and terrorists into Syria to topple the secular Syrian government in order to replace it by a hardline Wahhabi state, similar to those in Saudi Arabia & Qatar, the "beacons of democracy".

This war's sectarian nature has been nurtured by calls for Jihad made by Qatar-backed religious clerics such as al-Qaradawi, who is based in Qatar and holds Qatari citizenship, even though he is of Egyptian origin.

Recent events show massacres of Shiites (Shia Muslims) and Alawites in Syria committed by Wahhabi Qatar-backed rebels based only on sectarian motives, following calls by al-Qaradawi for Sunnis to go fight Shiites in Syria.

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