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Mermaid, Alien, Captured By Diving Vessel Camera? 2013 HD


  • socurran#

    socurran July 31, 2013 11:27:48 AM CEST

    Someone did their homework on idea of mermaid. looked like more of a merman. ? Hushlizard

  • Cosmicimp#

    Cosmicimp June 18, 2013 10:37:02 PM CEST

    Dont you feel a right dickhead now, you uploaded the video after animal planet exposed themselves creating a hoax....get with it crypto.....its the same actor (or marine biologist stroke actor...it is america...) in the original animal planet documentary which I half believed and the doc made me questioned my own gullibility coz its bloody good....but this one is abysmal....please stop uploading shite....instead of educating yourself....your wasting your own and the time of those who are really searching for answers....no-one will subscribe to shear lies and blatantly obvious CGI garbage you fuckini moronic idiot, dont mess with the mass..god damn amateurs!!!!!!...COSMIC IMP

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