Return of the Cicadas 2013

The cicada invasion of 2013 is upon us, and one documentary filmmaker has set out to capture the life cycle of the globular, bulbous-eyed arthropod in an up-close-and-personal approach.

Called "Return of the Cicadas," Samuel Orr's film highlights the cicada's 17-year lifespan from birth to death. The film includes time-lapse footage of the changing seasons. He also shot the cicadas at every stage of their lives, like when they break through and shed their exoskeletons

This video can be embedded (via vimeo please) on third-party websites as long as you credit me (Samuel Orr) as the filmmaker, and please mention the kickstarter project. Contact me if you want to feature the film or excerpts in broadcast media.

Dexter Britain is the composer/musician of the music track.

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