Glenn Beck Has Schizophrenic Conversation W/ Himself as Body Double

On his show last night, Glenn Beck donned a wig and mustache and had a good ol' conversation with himself. Riffing on the reports that former Internal Revenue Service head Douglas Shulman visited the White House 150 times during his tenure — including discussions about the IRS' role in implementing the Affordable Care Act — Beck suggested the White House coordinated IRS plans to target conservative groups by staging a "hypothetical" conversation that "never" happened between government officials in the Oval Office.

Donning a Boston Bruins baseball cap (Conspiracy theory? The IRS was behind the Boston bombings? Why that cap, Mr. Beck?!?!), Beck plays the role of an oafish IRS official who hates those "damn Jews" and those "crazy" tea partiers. Across the way, Beck #2 is a White House official wearing a mustache and wig, speaking with an accent that strangely sounds like a combination of the Eastern European bear from The Cleveland Show, video game hero Mario, and Andy Kaufman's Latka Gravas character.

The five-minute conversation takes shots at President Obama for reportedly "getting his news" from his television; mocks those who assume the White House would never lie; manages to blast Beck's favorite "shadowy" target, legal scholar Cass Sunstein; and confuses the heck out of everyone who puts an ounce of effort into parsing the content of the discussion.

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