Nocto Luminescent Clouds Timelapse over Frome, UK

I ran an exposure- bracketed timelapse of the sunrise, using a script via CHDK for Canon S95.
Shooting early (3:30 am start) meant I caught what I believe to be Nocto Luminescent Clouds.
You can see stars tracking from left to right behind them.

Local civil twilight is approx 4am, you can see this come in at the end of the sequence, stopping the view of the Nocto-Lumi's.

I had been experimenting with my script, so technically this wasn't the best shoot.

As this was shot with RAW still image files, each frame is 3684 x 2760 pixels, hence the high res digital zoom/crop later in the video.

This video was made by batch processing with Photomatix pro, using the fusion process, but I dropped the last, +2 EV frame from each set as the noise was quite high and was overexposed. There are some noise artifacts from processing, as the camera slowly adjusted ISO and TV throughout the sequence.

The elapsed time interval between each frame is approx 20 seconds, this was rendered at 10 fps so each second of video is approx 3 mins real-time (if my mental arithmetic is correct!)

I'll render up each set of frames un processed, and indeed the other 500+ frames (this is just the first 170ish) once I get round to it.
Over 1500 frames in total sequence, just under 16 gigabytes, which render to 500 frames after HDR process.


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