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The Ultimate Bilderberg Group Documentary


For 50+ years it didn't exist, and it was just a "conspiracy theory." Now in the past decade since 9/11, it's acknowledged to be a real secret society with real influence. Having created the European Union and the Euro over the span of the past half-century, the Bilderbergers are literally the movers and shakers of the global government being ushered in called the New World Order.

Some of the most prominent mainstream and alternative media documentaries about The Bilderberg Group compiled by Glenn Zarmanov of WeAreChange New Jersey for your education.

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  • Grims#

    Grims October 15, 2013 12:59:46 AM CEST

    I guess it's what every one already knows. to be realistic!We can't do a bloody thing to change it!As for all these people thinking they can are just fooling themselves.

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