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Aliens Are REAL Watch This Banned From UK TV!!

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Jun 14, 2013
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Aliens Are REAL Watch This Banned From UK TVThis Video Has Been Leaked Previously, It Is Difficult To Find It.This was filmed in the 1970's, banned from ITV. The woman had her encounter in the 1960'sFree Download Allies Of Humanity Briefings: http://www.alliesofhumanity.org/allies-of-humanity-book1.pdfFree Download 'Steps To Knowledge' http://www.newmessage.org/pdf/steps-to-knowledge.pdfSUBSCRIBE : SUBSCRIBE :SUSCRIBEhttp://www.youtube.com/danielofdoriaahttp://www.youtube.com/danielthedorianhttp://www.youtube.com/danielofdoria02http://www.youtube.com/TranscensionTVhttp://www.youtube.com/TranscensionTV2http://www.youtube.com/TranscensionTV3http://www.youtube.com/TranscensionTV4(Awaken To Your Multidimensional SELF)DONATIONS If you feel like Donating, you can, it would be my passion to make films full time, Please Donate at my website Below.http://danielofdoria.whynotnews.eu/Email:- DanielOfDoriaa@gmail.comAny help is Truly Appreciated!BE LOVE ((((O)))) Come Join!! SHINE & RIPPLE The Wave of Love!!

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