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HAARP (Frankenscience) Documentary - Ionospheric Weapons System - World War 3 - Plasma Communication

THIS IS EXCELLENT: Do you understand HAARP and its implications? Do you understand what they are doing?

HAARP - Ionospheric Weapon System - World War 3 - Artificial Plasma Communication -- Documentary -- Ground Based Stars Wars System -- Electromagnetic Warfare -- Weather Modification -- Earthquakes -- Volcanic Eruptions -- Geophysical Warfare -- Changing our atmosphere -- World War 3 -- Mind Control -- advances in Tesla Technology

HAARP Holes In Heaven (Full Length Documentary) Advances in Tesla Technology

HAARP (Frankenscience) Documentary - Ionospheric Weapons System -- World War 3 - Documentary


Ionospheric Weapons System:

Artificial Plasma Communication:

Ground based star wars system:

Electromagnetic Warfare - Directed energy weapon:

Geophysical Warfare:

HAARP - New World Order Mind Control
and Weather Warfare Weapon:

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