'Natural Hygiene, Nature Cure & Theosophy' [Stanley Bass @ Radio 3Fourteen]

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Stanley Bass is a 94 year old Orthopathic & Natural Hygiene doctor with over 70 years experience helping patients detoxify, increase their vitality and remove disease and deficiencies with remarkable success using his 100% no drugs method. He is also schooled as a naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, and dietician. Bass has authored 8 books on the subject of health. It all began by testing a disease-recovery theory (water fasting) on himself at the age of 19 followed by many years of study and research. Stanley has a likely world record of 1000+ personal fasts himself. He is a Knight of Malta and a founding board member of the International Natural Hygiene Society. We'll listen as he tells his life story and discusses his research into what diet is ideal for the human body. He addresses the truth of veganism based on years of research. Stanley also discusses the philosophy about fasting both physically and spiritually. He discusses methods of how nature cures and how we must doctor ourselves. Stanley explains how there are no "cures" but that nature returns to normal when enervating habits are given up. Later, Stanley refers to systems of esoteric philosophy concerning the mysteries of being and nature to understand the bonds that unite humanity and the divine.


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