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STOP USING GOOGLE AND GET OUT OF THE BOX (From Googleberg aka Bilderberg 2013)

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STOP USING GOOGLE AND GET OUT OF THE BOX (From Googleberg aka Bilderberg 2013)

Watch the movie and understand this: When ever you search on Google, very advanced AI systems will use ALL your online activities (and logged offline activities) to not just create algorithms for all mankind, but also to put us all in our own little personal box and give us the answers that the AI system behind Google think we want, rather than the most relevant.

The older generation always had the attitude that "I will just ask mom" father or who ever - Today everyone ask Google, but it does not work because:

If I say to someone, "Go home and Google" a subject, then he will get a Unique result just for him, mixed up by Google's AI in advance.

THE SOLUTION IS: Use this alternative to Google:
use this instead of Google, in order for you to GET OUT OF THE BOX
is not quite as developed yet, but for your own sake: STOP USING GOOGLE !!!


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