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Additional #opIran fellow citizens; Our world is threatened daily by great suffering...whether it is social injustice, political corruption, or economic crisis...catastrophe is imminent and inevitable. But one must not give up hope in the midst of calamity and even death, for not in this world, does evil ever conquer. We are the resistance and we are alive and among you. Brothers and sisters, this is our world, our freedom, our future. ... ... . . . .We have witnessed the false elections of 2009, the atrocity of mass killings, and the absence of basic human rights. The reign of tyranny will not be tolerated any longer. To the powers and government of Iran, be warned. There will soon be liberation. 2009 . . . .People of Iran, we stand together. We are the ones to defy this injustice and declare that we deserve nothing less than true democracy, liberty, and free information. We are the resistance. We will not blindly believe the words of corrupt liars. . . .Be brave. We stand with you; together, we shall reclaim what the regime has stolen--the freedom of speech, the freedom to access and openly share information, and the freedom to live. In the face of great adversity and oppression, there is hope. In the presence of injustice, there is resistance. In the wake of destruction, there is new life. . -- . . . . .Citizens of the World, we will have the truth. We shall not be silenced! Not by repercussions, not by force, and not by time. . ! .We are Anonymous. ""We are the people of Iran. We do not forgive.We do not forget. Expect us. #OpIran Engaged--------------------------Additional Translations: to the following Anon.

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