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Reporting Live from Moore, OK



    RATRODROB June 16, 2013 3:25:34 AM CEST

    Hey DWEEB, i didnt quite get your point when first started watching the vid but soon realised your anguish.

    it reminded me of ASH WEDNESDAY around 30 yrs ago which was a fire storm that ripped through south australia and victoria, killing over 70 and destroying thousands of homes and wiping out many small towns completely.

    my wife and i drove down to some of the small towns near where we live to offer help, but were confronted with survivors picking thruogh the ashes hoping a photo or some other treasured item had survived the inferno.

    when thousands of people hav lost absolutely everything, finding just one piece of precious memory can mean so much, no one gets it untill its happened to them or wittnessed it first hand.

    my heart goes out to you and your community mate and i really hope you can make someones day by reuniting them with a little something of their past,

    cheers RATRODROB

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