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Powerful and Disturbing - Child Abuse in 2013


This short video clip is for anyone interested in the topic of Child Abuse. I would hope that viewers will forward the clip to everyone - I am thinking of all the Children who have been abused - of all ages - who have carried their burden alone and have never disclosed their abuse to anyone - my aim is to let them know that there are people fighting the good fight for them.

The video explains what I am doing and why. I'd like to think together we can make this video viral - I have cats and I know they help to make videos viral but they were not with me when I engaged the help of friends to make the video clip.

For the Children of our Global Society - Much Peace

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  • missamandamanhattan#

    missamandamanhattan June 20, 2013 11:26:48 AM CEST

    I have advanced to an Interlocutory Hearing - this is an opportunity to have my evidence presented in a courtroom.

    I still need legal representation - the Judge was not convinced that the situation was clear enough to send me away but not convinced that I deserved the pro bono (for free) barristers that are available at Federal Court level hearings.

    SO - I can represent myself I would appreciate assistance with regard to the presentation of my documents. When I have had some sleep I will make another short clip.

    OtherklzeR I am well aware of what you mention but not sure whether that applies to my situation. I imagine that any predator would not want to be exposed. As for people in positions of authority protecting each other - I have no doubt that happens. I have 'cleaned' my first draft book recount and am going to place it on the internet so that people can read about my entire journey. Hopefully it might attract a licenced legal practitioner who is willing to assist me and in turn assist abused Children.

    Thank you for your interest - I appreciate your time and comments. Much Peace ...

  • OtheklzeR#

    OtheklzeR June 18, 2013 1:26:02 AM CEST


    we wait for your court hearing report

    here in USA we had a court case where retired FBI west coast director Ted Gunderson found
    child abuse proof in Mc Martin preschool trial where evidence of child abuse was quashed by
    multiple levels of goverment that are infiltraited by mystery religon teachings where child abuse and
    even child death is ritualistic and common (ubitiquous).

    I ask you to access your situation and determin if kabbalistic and masonic influences have overuling authority?. if it has your fate is in the hand of God as you walk among demons against spiritual darkness
    in high places (yes even in court=especialy in court

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