UTENSIL OF DEATH! 'Tolkien Would be Arrested Under Florida Law' [InfoWars]

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It's another sign that the Tea Party meme is an excuse to institute more statist coercion. Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed legislation that will make possession of a pipe a third degree felony beginning July 1. A third degree felony in Florida could result in a five year prison term, a loss of the right to vote (for career politicos like Scott), and a lifelong criminal stigma.

Back in 2010 the Tea Party rallied around Scott and it was acknowledged that the party was largely responsible for his election victory.

In all fairness, the honeymoon ended soon thereafter when Scott showed his real colors, most recently when he had a Second Amendment supporting sheriff, Nick Finch, arrested. http://www.infowars.com/former-tea-party-governor-makes-possession-of-bo...


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