Syria: 'Is Obama a Wuss? / Bill Clinton Thinks He Is' [T.West @ AfriSynergy]

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Syria, Is Obama a Wuss - Bill Clinton Thinks He Is
The following are the words of UN investigator, Carla del Ponte about the use of chemical weapons in Syria:
"During our investigation into crimes against humanity and war crimes, we collected some witness testimony that made [it] appear that some chemical weapons were used, in particular nerve gas. And what appeared to our investigation is that it was used by the opponents, by the rebels."

Again, those are the words of a person considered to be a legitimate independent investigator. Carla del Ponte is not someone who I would consider to be a saint but she's got it right about the Syrian government not being the one to use chemical weapons but the evidence showing the terrorists as having used such weapons. Through the words of Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security advisor, the Obama Administration stated this week that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on at least 18 occasions.

We know this to be a lie similar to the lies uttered about Libya and African mercenaries killing peaceful Libyan protesters. To Mr. Obama, there are consequences when you lie on behalf of savage killers such as Bill Clinton, John McCain and Robert Menendez.
Senator Robert Menendez stresses a vetting process for arming what he refers to as the opposition but that is impossible and he should know that. It has been acknowledged by John McCain and others that the best and most effective fighters against the Syrian military are the terrorists such as al Nusra.

I can conclude that further arming of the terrorists will cause more deaths, and that is not suppose to be the objective of the US, if the US government truly stood for justice and peace. What the US is promoting certainly would be in defiance of the preamble of the UN.
Colluding with, providing weapons to and air force protection to terrorists who call themselves Islamic achieves the goals of who? To you the American people, how long will you give your politicians a pass on lies such as those uttered by Robert Menendez, John McCain, Bill Clinton and others?

Mendendez proclaimed that, "The Assad regime has crossed a red line that forces us to consider all options. The greatest humanitarian crisis in the world is unfolding in and around Syria, and the U.S. must play a role in tipping the scales toward opposition groups and working to build a free Syria." It was and remain the US, Britain, France, and the Zionist regime who are the initiators of what has been and is happening in Syria. The UN's preliminary findings indicates it was the terrorists that used chemical weapons against the Syrian government.

Menendez's statement is similar to Dick Cheney's when he stated that he knew "exactly" where to find WMDs in Iraq. He intentionally and knowingly lied. Today, the Obama Administration is intentionally and knowingly lying about Syrian government's use of chemical weapons, contradicting the preliminary findings of the UN.
Two days ago, while Obama was meeting with members of the gay community, Bill Clinton used the word "wuss" to refer to Obama, if Obama continued to refuse to provide weapons and the type of assistance he provided to the terrorists of Libya.

To Mr. Obama, I ask, who is president, you or Bill Clinton? You or John McCain? You defeated John McCain but they appear to be running the most important aspects of your foreign policy. That policy got you in trouble in Libya. Wuss is another word for sissy. Will you continue to allow these warmongering tools of the corporate international bankers dictate your presidency or will you be the man you want people to view you as? I warned you against engagement in Libya, as did your former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. We are now warning you against further engagement in Syria. A man or a wuss? The choice is yours.

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