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The Secret Hidden from Mankind : Mind Science Kept Hidden, Documentary

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This may be good for us all to keep in mind as we progress in our endeavours - the more science delves into it, the more potential it seems to show what our minds are capable of...
Covers so many topics, from secret research, remote viewing, energy chakras confirmed by Russian experiments, etc...
One guy was creating images on his camera (even when the cover was on!)
We have unlimited potential literally... We have the ability to communicate over almost infinite space... We can have a positive or negative influence on our physical bodies (and minds)...and on the bodies and minds of other people. Conscious mind exerts a force on other forces... Can penetrate any form of matter... Can transcend space and time.
Has been proven in many scientific experiments to affect ph of water, or change the random numbers on a computer generator... Has been calculated to travel from earth to Sun in 1/347 of a second (faster then speed of light) (secret societies call it "speed of thought")

Because this so clearly convinces me of the reality of this 'conscious energy' in a very odd way it makes it much more easier for me to both believe and understand why there would be evil forces using this too. But wreaking havoc for the sole purpose of disrupting this energy, to use choas to unbalance everyone elses energy, or energy stealing, creating 'fear campaigns' 'fear porn' propaganda, keeping us all in lower vibrations, separate from our own conscious power potential...

I feel I should add: this video doesn't talk about the "evil forces part
it is all about the positive scientific potential aspect...

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