NSA: Snowden, PRISM & the Global "Phish-Net"

RT Reflection - The revelations of the G20 spying come as the scandal caused by Snowden's earlier disclosures - on the extent of US surveillance after its own and foreign citizens - is gaining momentum. Dozens of lawsuits are being filed against the government's practices - while many lawmakers continue to defend the operation. It has also emerged that the scope of the surveillance - and the help it received from corporations - may have been underestimated.

It has been a little over a week since the The Guardian revealed that Edward Snowden was behind on of the most significant leaks in US history. Snowden exposed how the NSA's surveillance program had infiltrated American computer networks without anyone knowing, but the agency said spying has foiled several terror plots worldwide. On Monday, the leaker was live chatting on the Internet with people and gave more insight on the NSA program and said there is much more info to come. RT's Sam Sacks brings us up to speed.

You are locked in, get out now, we are going down with the grid... you get out while you can, this is a message from the deep underground workers.. resist, use their game against them.. peacefully... a full system crash is coming.. .

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