Mermaids like Reptilians are Real? (A result of evolution?)

We have discovered less the 5% of what the oceans offer, Try and remember, evolution is a very slow process, taking millions of years. Sub species always spring up, many go extinct do to planetary changes. I tried to upload this video months ago, but it was not allowed in this country.
At the end it states:
1. "Though certain events in this film are fictional, Navy sonar tests have been directly implicated in whale beaching's". (Does not state this film is Fake)
2. "The BLOOP" IS a real phenomenon. (Not Fake)
Read between the lines people. Of course there are animations, they are telling a story. And they want it to be seen. Do you think it would stay up, if they said it was all true, and would it be of interest if animations were not added?

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