James Stewart: The Ordinary Hero

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COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the material used in this video. All material belongs to their respective owners. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use", including non-profit, educational or personal. This is purely a fan video. No copyright infringement intended. On the anniversary of his death, here is a tribute to the legend that is James Stewart. If there is one aspect of that classic studio era of Hollywood that has endured these many years, that aspect would have to be the inspiration and justice that radiated from every role Jimmy Stewart played. His films, Mr Smith Goes To Washington and Destry Rides again, to name a handful, tell the story of your ordinary guy going about his ordinary life but possessing extraordinary courage in troubled circumstances. No matter how many blows Jimmy's character suffered, he would always strive through the most grim of times and come out on top. An Oscar winner twice, once for Best Actor in The Philadelphia Story and an Honorary Oscar in his later life honoring his "50 years of memorable performances", Jimmy has given us so many great moments, edge-of-our-seats gold in Hitchcock masterpieces such as Rear Window. Perhaps Jimmy's greatest gift to us cinema-goers was his heartbreakingly inspiring role in It's A Wonderful Life, that as well as being a Christmas classic, remains a timeless movie that generation after generation relate to and adore. James Stewart; the man, the legend, here is my tribute to you with the theme from The Natural. I hope this tribute shows the true American hero that Jimmy always played, and whom he actually was in real life. As well as his enormous acting talents, Jimmy fought in the Air Force during WW2 and won some of the highest honours a Colonel can receive.

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