4 Pieces of Neil Rogers' works [Patrick Willis]

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4 Neil Rogers.
A tribute to a giant of a human being who's left for safer climes. Thank you neil, Vis and Martin.
Extraordinary Movie by Dan Williams. Produced by Zu Al-Kadiri. A Mill Production. Sound by Black Iris. https://vimeo.com/42853344

boxer http://www.profilesinevil.com/2011/04/orders-from-hell-western-zio-ogre....
inter woven
false composure
mind insanity
based in vanity
confusion drawn
dressed in wickedness
shadow born
ruptured patterns
vampire screams
desecrating life
talmudic dreams
steeped in failure
self abused
crashed itself
so it loses
woman http://www.visibleorigami.com/2011/01/cost-of-celebrity-and-price-of-fam...
pig tongue scattering
ruthless demons shreik
devilry dismembering
unstable in what it seeks
weakened minds unsatisfied
who poison sky and earth
practising in ruthlessness
death cult sold its worth
the sound of harmonizing pierce
subliminaly in wail
reach within the momentary
pathway in detail
a trail of starlight thunder burst
magnify and beam
freedom resonating life
energizing stream.
man http://www.visibleorigami.com/2011/01/what-if-we-all-just-tried-little-h...
new world order death cult
children skinned to bone
indigenous cultures savaged
minds in all alone
broken nations shrieking
deceived and made to pay
failed by institutions
infected with dismay
talmudic scholar rituals
cabalistic pig scribed lies
new world order death cult
from the truth it hide's
the moment of fatality
reactive will exact
new world order death cult
inside itself is trapped.
blood http://www.visibleorigami.com/2009/11/it-would-have-been-radio-show.html...
oh mother nature
truth awaker
who loves every one equally
even liars and fakers
she holds all in her arm's
through out their life
down feels heavier
she breathes light
she blows the heart of all men
but men wont listen
they play forget and pretend not risen
eye for an eye
tooth for a tooth's what they play
and when you dont look
they lie decieve and daze
then they have got you dangling on the line
another slave shackled with the eye of the blind
I saw the see
the blind mans blood
live in the wilderness by a tree in the old mans wood
mother loves all but when she blows, stand stood
the sun ray shine's
light's up good

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