Exposing The Power Elite ◦ Dr Dennis Cuddy w/ Dr Stan Monteith 7-Jun-2013

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~ ~ I am always impressed with Dr Dennis Cuddy's vast knowledge and research abilities into what is really going on in the sick, twisted world of politics and the Power Elite, and I hope that you are as well . . . we would all do well to listen more to the wisdom that can only come from experience, which can only come as a result of many awakened years on this planet . . . I intend to upload these shows quite regularly, but we all know how things can change :) ~ ~

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.

If worst comes to worst for the Iranians and they feel their entire existence is at stake, they could engage in non-martyr activities such as military attacks against the U.S. For example, remember the damage the Argentines did with one Exorcet missile to a British warship? And Iranian divers with remote controlled explosive devices could also create problems. Again, much of this activity would occur at night when it would be more difficult for the U.S. to respond. And if you think Russia and China would just sit idly by watching Iran implode, you are quite mistaken. I'm sure they have already let President Obama know the possibly "grave" consequences if the U.S. intervenes in a war between Iran and Israel if the Israelis attacked first.

The Israelis are aware of this and therefore may create an "incident" which would cause the Iranians to strike first. This is like Secretary of War Henry Stimson (Skull & Bones member) wrote in his diary on November 25, 1941 about a meeting with President Roosevelt: "...the question was how we should maneuver them (Japan) into the position of firing the first shot."

For example, Israel recently attacked a depository of Fatah rockets in Syria that were headed for Hezbollah. Also, there have been recent news articles about Syria's chemical weapons, and Israel could launch military action into Syria to "protect" Assad's chemical weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists. Either military action, however, could be seen by Iran as simply attacking the Assad regime, and therefore the Iranians might respond militarily against Israel. This could then be used by the U.S. (or NATO) as a justification for attacking Iran, claiming Iran was the aggressor against Israel. Or, in a variation on this tactic, Israel's ally, the U.S. (or NATO), could attack the facilities containing those weapons, hoping that Iran would come to the defense of its ally Syria. Then that Iranian military response against the U.S. (or NATO) would be used by the U.S. (or NATO) as a justification for striking Iran while claiming Iran had been the aggressor.

Another military action in which Iran might engage could be telling various terrorist groups in the region to shoot down the civilian airliners of Israeli allies with shoulder-launched missiles reportedly already given the terrorists by Iran (see TIME, March 11, 2013, p.22).

Now, if the Israelis do attack Iran and none of the aforementioned logical possibilities happens, you might similarly consider the possibility that this is all one big play being acted out on a global scale. Remember that the current mullahs ruling Iran followed Ayatollah Khomeini, who was a follower of Ayatollah Kashani, whom the CIA paid $10,000 to go along with the overthrow of democratically elected Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. In other words, the leaders of Iran (including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) could be right out of "central casting" in the Power Elite's (PE's) global play for world control.

Remember, the title of my latest book is THE POWER ELITE AND THE SECRET NAZI PLAN. The Shah of Iran in the 1930s changed the name of his country from Persia to Iran (which means Aryan) because of his admiration of Hitler. Also, one of the 6 major countries the Nazis' Operation Eagle Flight (using stocks, bonds, gold, etc. to create or control corporations) involved was Turkey. According to author Paul Williams (author of CRESCENT MOON RISING, 2013), the CIA for years has known about opium from Afghanistan's poppy fields going by cargo planes to Iran on their way to Turkey. And, Williams said, a major beneficiary of this has been Fethullah Gulen (born in Turkey in 1941 and now living in Pennsylvania), whose worth of about $30 billion has allowed him to have tremendous political power and move the government of Turkey from a secular one to one that is predominantly Islamic. He has established many charter schools in the U.S. (tax-funded) as well as schools in Turkey and the Caspian area (e.g., Turkmenistan, etc.). According toWilliams, there's a CIA agent in every one of these Caspian area schools, and Gulen's purpose is to build a New Islamic World Order.

Full article HERE http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis260.htm

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