Australian woman wakes up with French accent after bus crash

An Australian woman who developed a French accent after suffering a head injury in a bus crash says she is depressed and anxious. "It makes me so angry because I am Australian. I am not French. I prefer nightime because its very peaceful. Not many people about," said Tasmanian born and bred Leanne Rowe, who was in a bus crash eight years ago.

After the crash Rowe woke up in hospital in a Melbourne hospital with a broken back and jaw, slurring her speech. The slurring developed into a French accent that will not go away.

"It's just an accident, an accident of chance that happens to that person. That what happens to their speech, happens to overlap with the features of a known accent," said University of Sydney psychologist, Dr Karen Croot.

A rare condition, there have only been 62 cases of Foreign Accent Syndrome recorded globally in the last 70 years. Report by Sophie Foster.

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