'Boston Bombings, Gun Control & Transhumanism' [Anthony Gucciardi @ Red Ice Radio]

  • Uploaded by Knewtube on Jun 18, 2013
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Anthony Gucciardi is the founder of Storyleak.com, founded with the key principals of seeking truth in news. Anthony started out as a featured writer and contributor for several of the largest alternative news juggernauts on the web. He has worked with the biggest names in the industry in forcing the mainstream media to cover many controversial news pieces that they would otherwise have not touched. In the second hour, we'll discuss Angelina Jolie's preventative double mastectomy. It's highly likely that this is all a part of a major push into thinking that genes are everything. We'll talk about what that could imply and how it would manifest in society. Anthony explains how the transhumanistic view of genetically manipulating humanity is the ultimate physical and spiritual enslavement. He describes what could be Stalin 2.0 with robot-like humans in the future. We end the hour on Adam Kokesh and what could go very wrong if the armed march on Washington happens.


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