Egypt Morsi cuts Cairo ties with Syria

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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi announces that Cairo will be cutting all diplomatic ties with the Syria, closing down the embassy and pledging full support to the so called Free Syrian Army.

Morsi who was addressing thousands of his supporters from hardline Islamic groups said that he supports a no fly zone over Syria.

Government sources have leaked to local media that the President has made the decision to severe ties with Syria against the council of his top aides, who have said the move will bring an end to any attempts of mediation by Egypt.

Many believe that due to internal pressures over mounting economic and political problems, Morsi is attempting to find a foreign enemy to divert Egyptians attention.

Experts believe and the sentiment is shared by many Egyptians that Morsi is trying to gather support to a cause ahead of the June 30th protests when opposition is expected to come out in mass calling for early presidential elections.

The sentiment was assured by several speeches made at the stadium calling all those who will participate in the demonstrations will be traitors and even infidels.. a tone which has caused wide anger among Egyptians.

President Morsi himself said that those calling for protests on June 30th are loyalists to Mubarak's regime saying that they are working against the goals of the 2011 revolution.

A newly formed Youth opposition group called Tamroud or Rebel, has initiated the call for protests on June 30th and has gained the backing of many political parties after succeeding in gathering millions of signatures on petitions from Egyptians calling for early elections.

Experts believe that Morsi's statements both regarding cutting ties with Syria as well as his warnings against protests on June 30th has led to even further divisions among Egyptians amid growing fears of violence between the anti and pro morsi camps.

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