Dramatic UFO over madrid, 06-16-13 (must see end part)

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16.06-2013 MADRID
the video was taken last night 15th June at the side of a mountain in the widening of vallecas ... after this mountain is the relegation of the aircraft at Madrid Barajas Airport.
the sighting of the lights began about 23:00 hours or so and record for about 35 minutes as it seemed they left the business.
just a couple of minutes after the recording cut resurfaced, but this time showing spectacular activity that lasted only 2 or 3 minutes ... LUCKILY I COULD catch them.
though I have not gotten into this video ... when it finally disappeared spheres and after spending a few minutes, I returned to the window to look and I found a luminous object traversing the area went through the airspace of the airport ... I'm riding this video and I hope to show it to you soon.


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