Lavrov: 'No-fly zone in Syria serves takfiri extremists' [Syria News (ENG) ~ 18-Jun-2013]

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18_06_2013 ~ Syria News (ENG) ~ President al-Assad gives interview to the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper

~ Deputy-Dean of Humanities Faculty seriously injured by IED

~ Araqchi: Iran continues consultations with all to reach political solution to crisis in Syria

~ Putin: Agreed with Obama on pushing all sides in Syria to negotiating table in Geneva

~ Al-Jaafari: UN reports took two years to recognize that terrorist groups recruited children

~ Army operations continue, many terrorists killed, explosive devices dismantled

~ Sit-in outside Turkish Embassy in Damascus to express solidarity with Turkish protesters

~ Workshop with UNFPA to reduce the crisis's impact on mothers and children

~ Lavrov: No-fly zone in Syria serves extremists, hinders Geneva conference

~ Syrian Airlines: US block of SITA network in Syria serves political purpose

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