Higgs Boson, Physics and the Real World [Dr. Lisa Randall & Walter Kirn @ TheDeepEnd]

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Prof. Lisa Randall joins The Deep End hosted by Walter Kirn to discuss the issues of approaching physics and science while living in a non-scientific society and the limits of human understanding. She provides insight on the Higgs Boson "God Particle," as well as the use of the Supercollider and the expanding understanding of the universe through modern scientific theory and method.

Lisa Randall is an American theoretical physicist and a leading expert on particle physics and cosmology. She works on several of the competing models of string theory in the quest to explain the fabric of the universe.


00:01 Walter Kirn welcomes you to The Deep End.
00:36 Welcoming Lisa Randall.
01:54 What is scientific thinking?
05:56 Understanding theoretical physics and extra dimensions.
10:56 The LHC Supercollider and testing theory.
15:13 Society's approach to the scientific mind.
19:40 Going deeper and further into esoteric science.
24:50 The great journey of science and satisfaction of working out a theory.
30:18 Daily applications and human concerns for scientific exploration.
34:22 Funding and rewarding scientists in society.
37:30 The lag between technology, science and culture.
45:28 How far can the science go?

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