Amerika: Spark towards WW3 Documentary (UNFINISHED)

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This is an uncomfortable reality but the sooner it is understood, you can prepare for it. Become a prepper as it may be a way to avoid the eventual further decline in US dollar's value by purchasing real goods that can help you as you develop self sufficiency skills. Your money is earning a negative rate in a checking/savings account due to inflation, so it's literally rotting anyway, right? The 21st century economy will be different than most of the population expects due to job losses from new advancements, robotics and automation. Developing skills in preparation for the new global scramble for prosperity is something to begin now, like learning a language or mechanical skills."When it comes to the Syria conflict, recent developments may hurl us off the cliff. A series of escalationsincluding Israeli airstrikes on Damascus, Hezbollah's decision to openly send thousands of fighters across the border, and the European Union lifting its arms embargo on the rebelshave dramatically increased the risk level. And given the signs that planned U.S.-Russian-endorsed talks in Geneva might not even get off the ground, there is evident cause for worry. Close observers now worry the Middle East is on the brink of a wider warone that will have as profound repercussions for the region as World War I had for Europe."Read more:

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