THE BUG LIKE DRONE -- UFO Sighting London, UK 15th June 2013 HD

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This fascinating and mysterious UFO/Drone sighting had been captured in West London in the United Kingdom, on the 15th of June 2013 by Mark Bennis aka UFO Watch
This unusual discovery of a Bug like Drone had just appeared in the sky to my right above some adjacent houses, approximate altitude some 500 metres. This Bug like Drone or inter-dimensional UFO just slowly cruised along at half the speed of the moving low cloud level, before disappearing out of my line of sight over the brickwork of the house next door.
Now after losing sight for just a moment I had grabbed my tripod and camera and repositioned myself just a couple of metres away where I could get a better view, but for the life of me I could not find it again, even after some 5 minutes searching that area of sky for it, just is thought provoking.
To note, that part of day was very quiet and had been raining on and off all day, with some moments of clearish blue skies, and low patchy cloud level. Which was moving alone easterly at a fairly fast pace, but importantly or not I could hear nothing! Not a sound from it, and it managed to maintain a slower easterly pace then the natural wind speed measured from the moving clouds.
But if you analyse closely the still images you just can't mistake the fine details and genius for the design of this Bug like Drone, it's just amazing!
All the best,
Mark Bennis aka UFO Watch

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