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The Coming Neurological Epidemic


  • Ionman#

    Ionman December 16, 2008 10:52:18 PM CET

    In the last time I saw very much neurological ill persons...wonder why. They talk to himself and to invisible.

  • Saluna#

    Saluna December 16, 2008 6:47:41 PM CET

    Amazing, I was just going over this issue last night. This of course is just half of it- the scientific & logical view of it. A nervous system dis-ease can also be an indicator of an \"information overload\" in the human body. Open your minds, times are changing with us.

  • Blackbarbie#

    Blackbarbie December 16, 2008 6:24:55 PM CET

    wow im astounded because hes got a great point!!!

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