Interview with Marie Simon-Pierre: The miracle of John Paul II

April, 28, 2011. ( This is Sister Marie Simon-Pierre. Her story has been heard around the world. For years, she suffered from Parkinson's disease, but she was suddenly cured through the intercession of John Paul II.

The nun, who works in a maternity hospital in Paris told the French television station KTO and Italy's Rai network, her story.

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre
Nun cured through the intercession of John Paul II
"At first I couldn't see John Paul II on television. Seeing his illness during his last year of life, was very difficult for me because I was thinking of how I would face that same situation in the coming years."

On May 13, 2005 Pope Benedict XVI announced the special pardon to open the cause of beatification of John Paul II. Since then, the nuns of Simon-Pierre's community prayed intensely to ask for healing.

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre
Nun cured through the intercession of John Paul II
"Since May 14 there was a phrase that followed me constantly. It said, " If you believe, you will see the glory of God. " In the midst of my suffering there was something that gave me strength to keep going, telling me that with faith anything is possible."

The key day came on June 2nd. Her health had worsened. She asked her superior to allow her to stop working because she couldn't even stand. Her superior told her that John Paul II had not yet said his last word. She told her to write the pope's name on a piece of paper. She did, but it was completely illegible.

However, that same evening she felt like she had to write it again. She woke up feeling transformed and with a great sense of peace.

Sister. Marie Simon-Pierre
Nun cured through the intercession of John Paul II
"When I went to the chapel to pray, I realized that my arm was moving and it wasn't motionless beside my body, which was swaying. During the Mass I knew for certain that I had been cured."

Her neurologist found that the symptoms had disappeared inexplicably.

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints carefully examined the case and determined the cure had no scientific cause.

Sister Marie Simon Pierre will take part in prayer vigil on April 30th at the Circus Maximus in Rome, a day before the beatification of her great intercessor, John Paul II.

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