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Stunning UFO Appears Next To Sun 2013 1080p Available


Incredible object caught by Soho, which clearly shows an object, saucer shaped materilise next to the Sun. Object is very well defined and clearly has ridges or grooves around its exterior. It also has a notch in its hull, this reminds me of the Tether UFOs recorded by STS 75. This is not dust, the right side of the object seems to be reflecting the sun rays also, dust is not reflective or as defined as this.ADG Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alien-Disclosure-Group/189249627773146Follow ADG on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ADG_UK

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  • mandyksmith2#

    mandyksmith2 June 24, 2013 11:41:48 AM CEST

    i'm also interested in the similar shaped object to the lower right of this picture(video) the shape is about the same only smaller ???.

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