Field and political developments in Syria El Sayeda Victory

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Syrian army
Damascus (world) -21/06/2013- the correspondent reported that the Syrian army continues its operations in the countryside south of the capital Damascus ahead towards Alveabih and the Husseiniya after control of the neighboring Seadlah area of ​​El Sayeda Zeinab shrine peace.
Having complete control of the area Seadlah Syrian forces continued military operations in the southern districts of the capital, Damascus countryside.
Government military sources confirmed that violent clashes took place in Alveabih near El Sayeda Zeinab shrine peace be upon her in an attempt to purge the entire south axis, cutting supply route connecting to Jobar Harsta and Kaboun.
In Husseiniya located within the southern hub of the capital countryside Syrian forces targeted according to what it says gatherings of Mshalin, while still fighting on the outskirts of Hosseinieh spin of the rear lines.
In the developments of the political scene, especially after the international agreement the Syrian government says it is proceeding with a political solution through the two to attend the Geneva conference, despite the developments in the field, which is now resolved in favor of the Syrian forces.
The Minister of Social Affairs Kinda Osprey channel world news Thursday: The Syrian government is launched program of a political solution in Syria, and basically bent it and past it, and consultations taking place on a daily basis via the Committee on political dialogue, arguing that it is on the outside remains the problem he has.
If the picture has become clear in terms of political and military positions announced by the Syrian leadership, through
political solution and the fight against terrorism, in under divisions opposition, who lives unenviable days.

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