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M2.9 Solar Flare & CME June 21, 2013

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jun 21, 2013
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A spectacular solar flare peaking to M2.9 was registered by active region 11777 on the southeastern limb at 03:14 UTC this morning. A strong Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) has been seen following this eruption but would unlikely have an earth-bound component due to the proximity of the eruption blast site with respect to the earth. Geomagnetic storm watch has also been issued. A G1-Class storm could be possible within the next 24 hours at very high latitudes due to the arrival of a high speed solar wind stream flowing from Coronal Hole (CH573).http://solarwatcher.netEarthquake Forecasting Channel Quality Solar youtube Channel Reporting Channel Website Soft website Terrestrial Activity Report Solar Wind Prediction Solar Websitehttp://www.solarham.comEstimated Planetary K index information Xray Flux Data Information from Solar Monitor Weather Websitehttp://www.westernpacificweather.comSpace Weather Website Used is 'Illumination' by West One Music

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