Andreas Kalcker MMS conference "Forbidden Health" English audio

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A very interesting conference of Andreas Kalcker in February 2012. "Forbidden Health " final edition with English voice over by himself.This conference can also be purchased as DVD at along with the new book by Jim Humble. This way you can help his investigation of alternative health and his earth help project. ( (Master mineral solution), (NaClO2) has been used successfully in all types of infections (urinary, prostate, ovaries, uterus, mouth, asthma, hepatitis, tuberculosis, arthritis, malaria, all kinds of parasites, congestion, depression , diabetes, herpes, acne, candida, appendicitis, among others. is recognized as the best disinfectant against all viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasite.This lecture explains Andreas Ludwig Kalcker the "how" and "why's" of this discovery and the prohibitions as well as the non-marketing by big pharma.

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