"Aliens" Are Actually Fallen Angels! Satan's Greatest Secret!

The masses have been recently conditioned to call the fallen watchers of the Book of Enoch and the Bene ha'Elohim of Genesis 6 by another new false name- "grey aliens", and to also call the second heaven by another name as well- "space". As prophesied in Amos 9:2, the illuminati have dug them back up from their punishments (2 Peter 2:4/Jude 6) after nearly five millennia (70 generations) with the help of people like Phil Schneider. Semyaza is back with the rest of the Grigori except Azazel. They now play the parts of the sulfur wreaking "grey aliens" for the coming strong delusion just in time for 2012 and the New World Order- 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12.

*IMPORTANT*: Do not confuse the fallen watchers led by Semyaza with the original fallen archons led by Lucifer which the watchers are now subordinate to themselves.

Know ALL of your "alien" deceivers:
"GFOL"= fallen archons (original fallen angels led by Lucifer the former covering cherubim)
"Nordics"/giant "hybrids"= 4th Reich Nazi ubermensch/new brood of nephilim (Daniel 2:43)
"greys"= fallen watchers (class of fallen angels that fell in days of Jared led by Semyaza-Genesis 6/ 1 Enoch)
"reptilians" = nagas/seed of the nachash (1 John 3:12/Genesis 3:15)

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