Protesters in Brazil film UFO while drone films protesters Video)

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Protesters in Brazil film UFO while drone films protesters (Video)A UFO video from Sao Paulo, Brazil, filmed on June 17 during aprotest shows a white light flying around above the crowd. However,video from a drone shows the protesters from high above, making itlikely the UFO and the drone are one in the same.Brazilians took to the streets in a nationwide protest on Monday. Itwas estimated that nearly a quarter of a million people participated inthe protests. The next day, a mysterious video surfaced on YouTubeshowing a brightly lit object hovering above the crowd. The videoresolution is low, making it difficult to make out the structure of thecraft. The video is making a buzz on the internet, and some are callingit "ground breaking."However, another video was posted that day of aerial video taken of the crowds in Sao Paulo by TV Folha.This video is taken by a drone that is hovering and zooming aroundabove the crowds at various heights, very much like what is seen in the"UFO" video.This would not be the first time a drone filming protesters was mistaken to be otherworldly. In a similar UFO story wereported on, a drone was filmed over a protest in Moscow, Russia, inDecember of 2011, and was posted on the internet as a UFO. Russian newsagency, Ridus, an independent community of civilian journalist, claimed that drone and posted video of it in action on their website...............................................................I found this interesting ...

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