Photo Database Spying, Bank Foreclosure Schemes & Conspiracy News [BuzzSaw]

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Government spying scandals, a former senator suing for 9/11 info, Michael Hastings and much more are talked about on Buzzsaw's Conspiracy News.
First we look at facial recognition software and how the security net is closing on society, along with the NSA spying scandals. Also recently, a judge has been sentenced to jail for taking money to send juveniles to prison, and we look at the prison industrial complex cashing in and getting caught. In congress 9/11 questions are being raised by Bob Graham, and whistleblowers at Bank Of America are sharing illegal foreclosure practices by the lender.
Finally, a tribute to journalist Michael Hastings from host Tyrel Ventura.

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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:30 Facial recognition technology being used to create photo databases and invade privacy.
10:59 Firemen and postal carriers being told to spy?
13:07 NSA tell the public to trust them.
22:20 Pennsylvania judge going to prison for taking money to send juveniles to privately owned prisons.
32:10 Former Florida Governor and Senator Bob Graham is suing for withheld 9/11 information.
42:30 Former employees of Bank of America are sharing the companies illegal foreclosure schemes.
50:58 In honor of Michael Hastings.

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